The Mobile

This was gifted to me by my best friend as I left for university a year ago. It is only now that its significance has hit me. I think a lot of people would look at this and think to themselves ‘what a strange gift’, why would this be given to a friend as they go to university? A mobile? As in the thing used to soothe babies and children as they go to sleep? And I can agree, it is a very strange gift to give to an 18 year old girl with no plans whatsoever to have children in the near future, however I still see this as one of the most thoughtful and loving gifts I have received.

I’ve watched her go through a lot, in our 7 years of friendship she has conquered and accomplished more than anyone I know. Obviously it is not my place to disclose the hardships and emotions here. What is most important is that she is a beautiful artist and that is often the only thing that is shown and made visible to everyone around her.

There is one other person in her life that has received the same gift and to them it was a more logical gift, it was her therapist who was leaving her job as she was having a baby. I know how much that person meant to her, how much she has helped her to become the person she is today.

Every single element of this mobile means something to her and to me that is incredible. The colours of the thread, the origami, even the frame. It’s all significant.

I know to from another person this just sounds so silly, but we all have these objects that hold so much personal meaning yet to another its deemed useless and insignificant.

She has left me the best thing to remember her by.



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