Learnt along the way

I’m currently just over a month into my first term at university studying Graphic Communication, and yes, I am experiencing all the classic living away from home for the first time things. I’ve attempted to be experimental with meal times which has come to a range of conclusions starting with ‘this is the worst thing I have ever done, oh my god I would rather be eating the vomit of a dog’ to ‘I am a genius cook and every one should bow down to me for I am the lord of food’… I tend to react in extremes, makes life more exciting. I’ve also met some brilliant people and made some wonderful memories – some of which resulted with a headache and dodgy stomach the next day (felt like the best way to break up the cliché).

I decided that I wanted to record my experience and development at uni, mostly as a designer but also in life because it’s always fun to look back. This will possibly become a little series here. The word “possibly” reflects how bad my track record has been with posting recently… I want to get better.

  1. Try Everything. Probably the most overused and cliché phrase on this list, but I guess that’s why it’s so true. Sign up for every workshop/society/event, you never know who you will meet and where you will find a new skill. Maybe it won’t work out, maybe it will be the best decision you’ll ever make.
  2. Always do a draft. It’s just a good idea and makes sure you actually know what your doing. Too many times I have just gone straight in and realised half way through I have no clue what I’m doing and it ends up just being a hot mess.
  3. Don’t take criticism to heart. As long as it’s constructive it is useful.
  4. There is no point living your life striving for acceptance and affirmation from others who don’t deserve it. This is something that I guess I’ve always been learning, but it’s hit me hard here. One of my flatmates who also is on my course has possibly not been the nicest to me in regards to my ability as a designer or just treating myself (and many others) in a respectful way. Although it is mostly in jest, I have found myself feeling very hurt by comments said yet I still feel a need to gain appreciation and acceptance. So I guess I’m still learning with this one, but I am getting better at just living for me and calling out others on their shit.
  5. Your strengths may lay in different places. To me, when I first started the course, it seemed like evrybody had their shit together and could basically do everything within the subject. This obviously isn’t true, everybody has something they need to learn, even if they are too proud to admit it.



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