I don’t so much have a desire to travel, more a desire to see something new. With only three weeks left of lessons before I leave school forever it is not surprising that I am feeling a whole mix of emotions! To talk about all of them would make this way too long and way too complicated, so I’ve decided to focus on them one at a time.

The feeling today;’ Wanderlust’, (this word may not be the perfect fit, but I couldn’t find a word that could better describe my feelings).  I’m feeling the frustration of having to wait so long until I am free from the pressures and stress that A Levels bring. Excuse the cliché, but it just seems so close yet so far! The summer holidays just seem like a time that will never arrive, so I have found comfort in looking through old photos of holidays of the past. Last year’s in particular since I had inherited a camera and made a real effort in trying to put it to it’s full arty use. Some of these photo’s turned out rather well, so I thought I would share my high quality holiday snaps, like you would do at a family gathering.

This is Southwold, a place I hold very close to my heart since I first went there when I was six or seven years old. It’s a seaside town, with it’s beautiful statement coloured beach huts lining the entire beach, making it look oh so aesthetically pleasing. As you can see here I had a little go with the fancy portrait shots, the top one being myself taken by my sister Kate, and the other two being Kate looking suave in her faux fur coat.

The other trip we took was to France, this was my first experience of a road trip style adventure as we went from town to town seeing all the gorgeous views as well as taking in our fair share of museum trips, much to the dismay of my siblings. My standout memory from this was the MuCem in Marseille, due to it’s slightly peculiar appearance that lent itself to creating some rather lovely photos.

Moving onto Arles, where the museum giddiness took over and we all just posed with our favourite Roman pot, used to transport goods. With a classic cheesy family snap to top it all off (minus mum and Cameron).

Sorry this post has been so higgledy piggledy, I guess that’s just how my life is! I wanted to share and so I thought; what the hell! The message I think I am trying to communicate is that I am incredibly excited for what the summer will hold, as I plan to take many adventures and see as many cool things as possible, yet as of current I am spending most of my time stuck inside doing past paper after past paper, waiting for this extravaganza to arrive.




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